On an alternative time line we explored the dark ages,
One small village held out against the invaders
They knocked at the gates, shield maidens met knights
The timelines crossed over with the village alight.

On June 8, La Vue Guest Lodge in Muldersdrift was transformed into a myriad of mystical, magical and medieval nooks and crannies, crafts and tradesmen. A village of viking proportions took over the beautiful space as people surged through the gates to experience a day back in the dark ages.

The scene was set and the day was filled with unusual activities. From axe throwing and weapon forging to archery and LARPING battles, festival goers were encouraged to get involved in the action. Unicorns were ridden, knights were fought. Turkey legs were consumed, mead was drunk. There was smoke and fire, dancing and revelry.

An array of costumes of the most epic degree made an appearance, with everyone embracing the uniqueness of the day. Adventurers went on a mighty quest, wits were tested in the taverns and grown men shed a tear as the Chilli Chugging Competition threatened to drop even the most vicious of vikings.

Prizes were won to medieval melodies and even a banquet feast
Caber toss, coconut shies, KUBB viking chess and  magnificent beasts.

The 8th annual Medieval Fayre, bought to you by Alter Egos was a resounding success, with shouts of “SKAL!” ringing through the air well into the late afternoon.
Festival goers left with full hearts and fuller bellies, their loot tucked well under their arms, with promises of medieval memories and victorious vikings at the forefront of their mind.

Medieval Fayre 2019 in Pictures

8 June 2019 | La Vue Lodge, Muldersdrift