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Wild Wild West 2019

Mar 9, 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

La Vue Guest Lodge

Wild Wild West 2019

#WildWildWest2019, Saturday 9 March at La Vue Lodge in Muldersdrift, 10am – 5pm
NB: There is a 1km dirt road to the venue, suitable for most cars with normal suspension

It doesn’t get any wilder than this!
Whether you’re a gunslinging bandit, a steampunk saloon girl or a bronc-ridin’ cowboy, shake it up and git yerself a ticket to a rootin’ tooting good time!

In 1885 we said:
“Cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, rustlers, bandits, saloon girls, injuns, sheriffs, and gunslingers: This business is the whole kit and caboodle! Cowboy up and bend the elbow at the bucket shop, sky a copper twisting the tiger’s tail whilst we do the root-skootin boogie!
Ya’ll better cut a figure, get your amigos in cahoots, burn the breeze going at it hammer and tongs and come banded! We ain’t telling no windies!”

In 2019 we say
“Cowboys, cowgirls, farmers, thieves, dancers, American Indians, law enforcers, snipers and groupies: This event is the bomb! Man (or women up) and come drink at The Last Chance Saloon, play a chip at the tables, learn to line dance and listen to some live music.
You better make an appearance, bring all your friends. Do it now as fast as you can and come hungry! We’re not lying!”

Alter Egos Events takes you back to to 1885, when men were manly and women were deadly. Where the petrol price didn’t matter and disputes were settled by standoffs at dawn. Where the banks were robbed weekly and the heroes wore stetsons. Wander a little deeper into this far away land that hides mechanical secrets.
Steam powered machinery versus advanced technology.
Mechanics become art and science fiction becomes fashion.

This is what the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.

– The Steampunk & Stetsons Style Challenge (fancydress)
– The Quick Draw Quiz (world famous throughout the West Rand)
– Play blackjack at the Last Chance Saloon
– Line Dancing & Live Music
– Eoin’s Tankard Tonsil Paint and Gut Warmers
– White Dog Taproom Hop Juice
– Pony Up for Chikara‘ Injun Pony Rides for kids of all ages
– Test your skill and ride the bull!
– Try Injun Archery & watch Mounted Archery from ShaTranj Mounted Archery & Stables
– Play tombola, horseshoe toss, roping and Mexican standoff games
The Ultimate Cowpoke Challenge
– The Baardman Big Bad Beard Contest
– The BullsEye BBQ Pie eating contest
– Cowboys versus Indians LARP battles with The Dahogrian Empire
– Fantastic stalls
… and more!

PARKING: R10 per vehicle

THE DOUBLE EAGLE: R150.00 online (adults only)
Channel your inner Wyatt Earps and Annie Oakley’s and be the fastest and most revered gun in the west! If you are quick enough to get yer mitts on one of only 50 VIP tickets, they come with:
• A “fast pass” bandanna – wear it and jump to the head of any queue on the day!
• 5 FREE AlterEgos Chips to use to play BlackJack in The Last Chance Saloon; exchange for a free muleskinner shot from Eoin’s Tankard and a ride on the bull
• FREE parking

THE SILVER DOLLAR: R100.00 online (kids only)
Saddle up whippersnappers! Only 50 VIP tickets available to the toughest and coolest young-uns!
These come with
• A “fast pass” bandanna – wear it and jump to the head of any queue on the day!
• 3 FREE games at the Chameleon Ink Carnival Corral!
• A FREE popcorn when you redeem your games!

Adult Ranchers: R50.00 online
Mini Cowpokes: R30.00 online (kids under 12)
**kids under 3 and socialised pets on leashes enter free.

Adult Ranchers: R70.00
Mini Cowpokes: R50.00 (kids under 12)

Scammers are out there, and they take chances with folks who are desperate. Don’t be desperate: it’s not a good look on you, and there’s no need, because we have secure ways for you to get tickets, and these are hosted by our ticketing agent, Quicket. If a ticket is not issued by Quicket, don’t accept it.

email for more info!

Stall booking now open, stalls from R300 – sign up on http:// to get stall booking forms & updates.


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