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Fancydress Competition Entry

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R20 entry for the AlterEgos’ Fancy Fan Online Dress Up Contest

DEADLINE TO ENTER: 8pm on Thursday 30 July Midday on 6th August



What is YOUR Alter Ego?
We are all looking for the bright side at the moment and what could be brighter than playing make believe and using your imagination!
We introduce the Alter Egos Fancy Fan Online Dress Up Contest!

Its easy and there is CASH TO BE WON!
STEP 1: Think of a creative costume and dress up (and dress up your family; your dog and your hamster too if you want!)
STEP 2: Get a R20 entry ticket 
(R30 after 30 July)
STEP 3: Send us a (landscape oriented) video or photo of you showing off your costume to!

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