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Medieval Fayre 2017

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The 7th Annual Magical Medieval Fayre returned to the grounds at Inanda Country Base in Kyalami to take Johannesburg back in time.

Visitors were greeted by performers, riders, noble steeds and gallant knights. Those fortunate enough to be Royals for the day engaged in a royal banquet, whilst the nobles and commoners snacked on giant turkey legs. Adventures, games, activities and sites were bountiful.

A mass sunset battle of mounted fighters and those on foot drew the crowds as the sun started to set.

A massive medieval market allowed those who wished to shop to their hearts’ content. Trinkets and treasures unlike those seen before were plentiful.

You can view the Magical Medieval Moments here:

SAVE THE DATE: Medieval Fayre 2018 – 1st September at The Moors Castle 

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