Where It Began

Have an alternative experience.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” ~ Albert Einstein

This is a story of madness, magic and mayhem. The tale of two slightly off-the-wall women who took a small idea and simply ran with it.

Are you comfy? Got some snacks? Good. Let’s start at the beginning.

The year was 2012, the start of the social media era in South Africa. Riding off the back of a successful equestrian community website, best friends Dayle and Meryl decided to share their passion for all things medieval and damsels-in-not-so-much-distress with the local Kyalami community.
With nothing more than Dayle’s backyard, a rickety pillory, some hired princess costumes and a few good connections for food and drinks; and a few talented crafters within the friendship circle, the event was a-go.

Word of mouth is a thing and what started as a flea market fancy dress for a group of their closest friends, became an event of massive proportions with over 1800 people putting their feet through the gate to experience a little trip back in time.

Knights knighting, fire dancers dancing, noble steeds, dragons, wicked kings and lusty queens took over the day (and most of the night) and The Magical Medieval Fayre was born.

Sounds like a fairy tale right? Right!

A few short years after realising Medieval (as its fondly known) was here to stay, Meryl and Dayle decided to capitalise on their skills and apparent flair for the fantastical and started to branch out into all things alternative, fantasy, gothic, fandom and pop culture.

AlterEgos Events was born off the back of sheer tenacity, two skill sets that complement each other perfectly and a pair of wild imaginations.

Today, the AlterEgos Events girls are household names amongst those festival goers who know they’re guaranteed an alternative experience at anything that the brand creates.

The Magical Medieval Fayre has grown from strength to strength, now boasting over 150 crafters and vendors, full contact medieval battle knights, mounted and foot archery, birds of prey, noble steeds, genuine mead and ale, themed food, medieval games, LARPing, performers, musicians and interactive activities – a flagship event that has the entire country sitting up and taking notice; attracting annual visitors from all over South Africa.

And the experiences don’t stop there.
Joining the stable are popular events such as A Viking Thing, Discworld Day, A Jump to the Left, Fantasy Fayre and multiple collaborations.

A little imagination goes a long way and this dynamic duo have it in spades.

We invite you to step into an unusual world with us, and have an alternative experience.

Embrace your inner child and expand your imagination with AlterEgos Events.

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