Costume & Prop Hire

Let us costume your fantasy

AlterEgos Events is proud of their collection of medieval and fantasy-themed costumes, lovingly collected over the years.
Whether you are attending one of our events; planning a medieval photo shoot or just need something to play dress up in, we have a range of “one size fits most” costumes and items for you to choose from.

  • Medieval dresses, robes and doublets
  • Medieval shirts and vests
  • Capes, masks, wigs and props
  • Jesters, bishops, monks outfits
  • Plague Doctor outfits
  • Full size coffin
  • Pillories
  • Ivy, foliage and other decor options
  • Authentic Medieval crockery
  • Candlesticks and fairy lights
  • Mannequins
  • Wings, masks and crowns

And even better, if we don’t have what you’re looking for we are closely connected with one of Johannesburg’s biggest costume shops and we will gladly put you in touch!

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