A Jump to the Left

We would like, if we may to take you on a strange journey…

Paying homage to the cult classic movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Jump to the Left was borne of absolute passion and the need to get all dressed up. Just like in the 70’s, when the film was banned in South Africa and rebels would meet at shady movie theatres in their fishnets to sing, dance, be rowdy and unruly; the Alter Egos Team brings this night back to life.

Featuring the original movie on the big screen as well as participation packs, audience callbacks and an interactive cast of excellent performers, you will not experience a night out like this anywhere else!

Whether you are a Rocky Horror virgin, or know the movie backward (like we do), we invite you over to Frank n’ Furter’s castle to do the Time Warp again!

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For general inquiries, connect with the Alter Egos team – they are always happy to help!

A Jump to the Left in Pictures

7 October 2023 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew
1 October 2022 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew
4 December 2021 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew
28 November 2020 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew
9 February 2019 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew
10 February 2018 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew