On the 10th of February 2018, Alter Egos took its guests on a strange journey.

A trip back in time, to the days of old late night double feature movie screenings on the a big screen, the smell of popcorn a shadowcast performing the show – The Rocky Horror Picture Show was brought to life.

With the Alter Egos team even managing to rustle up the iconic thunderstorm to set the mood, guests took to their seats to explore their participation packs, learn the lines and experience Dr Frank-n-Furter and his minions like they have never experienced them before. Everyone embraced the cult-classic, dressing up as their favourite character, excited for a night where wearing one’s underwear and throwing food in public is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

We did the Time Warp (several times), we called Brad an asshole, we watched Rocky come to life, we sang to every-single-song and we danced to the moon’s dark refrain.

A resounding success and  a night out, they were going to remember for a very long time.

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