Definitely not a night for those with a weak stomach or closed mind – Dirty Little Secrets was performed by amateur comedian Dayle Robyn to a full house at Rusty Hook on the West Rand.
A small show, in its 4th year – Dirty (as its fondly known) has grown in popularity with tickets selling out a week before the show.

Guests were welcomed by tables containing R-Rated props with dirty instructions, and it set the mood perfectly for the humour that was to come. Couples, groups, men and women alike related to the 90 minute show, a routine filled with hilarious anecdote’s of Dayle’s life.

Brazen, outspoken and fearless, Dayle embraces Dirty Little Secrets with a passion and a unique story-telling ability. Topics that are not considered supper-time conversation at all, were discussed in a comedy club setting, with the centre focus being on the characteristics and colourful facial expressions of the performer.

Reviews and testimonials poured in after the show, read them below.
The next performance of Dirty Little Secrets will be held on the 3rd of August 2019.

“Myself and my business partner and friends attended Dirty Little Secrets at Rusty Hook.

Dirty Little Secrets makes for terrific night out with your partner. The show was filled with plenty laughter and entertainment. The audience was intrigued by Dayle’s natural, bubbly and raunchy story telling and ability to pull the crowd in with relatable scenarios.

Moments of the comedy show still linger among friends and I would highly recommend those with a good sense of humor and seeking a relaxing evening to attend future comedy evenings. A definite hit!”
– James Oosthuizen, owner of Rusty Hook

“DLS was a rare opportunity for me to drag my long-suffering husband out for some grown-up fun, which in itself is a win. The show itself was fantastic – equal parts hilarious and cringe-inducing, and refreshingly raw and honest. I also really liked the intimate setting, the fun props and the opportunity to behave a little bit like the hooligan I once was!’ 
– Meea Parkins

“Dirty little secrets, wow what can I say, had no idea what to expect, but I was beyond impressed, from extreme laugh out loud moments to looking guilty with having similar moments, it was the best stand up/ sit down comedy event I have ever been to. From the moment we walked in to the second we left, we were well taken care of and laughed non stop.
Dayle out did yourself.”
– Bryan Wells, owner Gladiator Training Solutions & Radio Host

“Definitely not what I was expecting, but definitely in a good way! Everything was planned out to a tee, from the tables to being decorated accordingly, to the massive throne on stage that had a support group comprising of a fluffy teddy bear to a bottle of vodka! DLS is raw, it’s naked and side bursting hilarious. Dayle opens up to a crowd of strangers but she does it with pride. She is confident and it shows. The crowd was in stitches and the #yesthathashappenedtome from a few people really made the evening. She made people feel like at least what has happened to them might actually be normal. Embrace your crazy side, laugh it off and just be you.Dirty Little Secrets 2018 is something for the books!”
– Shani Conrad

 “This was my first time seeing “Dirty Little Secrets” and watching Dayle perform live. I have to say that I have not laughed so much in a very long time! the show was phenomenal and Dayle was a consummate professional from the word go. Her delivery of the show was flawless and utterly hilarious! 20 out of 10 and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone! a great show and a great night out!”

-Adrian “John_Wookie” Wilson