🧚🏽✨ օռƈɛ ʊքօռ ǟ ȶɨʍɛ, ɨռ ǟ ʟǟռɖ ʄǟʀ ǟաǟʏ,
ʄǟɛʀɨɛֆ, ƈʀɛǟȶʊʀɛֆ ǟռɖ ɦɛʀօɛֆ ƈօʍɛ օʊȶ ȶօ քʟǟʏ,
ǟ ʍǟɢɨƈǟʟ քʟǟƈɛ օʄ ֆȶǟʀʟɨɢɦȶ ǟռɖ ɖʀɛǟʍֆ ɛʍɛʀɢɛֆ ʄʀօʍ ȶɦɛ ֆɦǟɖօաֆ
ռօȶɦɨռɢ աɨʟʟ ɮɛ ǟֆ ɨȶ ֆɛɛʍֆ. 🧚🏽✨

The rolling greens of Honeydew rang out with the sounds of laughter, singing and fairy voices as the AlterEgos team delivered another magical and memorable experience at the 5th Annual Fantasy Fayre.  Taking guests for a step into a whimsical realm, faeries, fables and all things fantasical were the order of the day.

Rusty Hook was the stomping ground of magical creatures as unicorns, mermaids, hawks, snakes, sea witches, fairy-catchers, elves, nymphs and pixies came out too play.

Wands were made, wings were fluttered and glitter was everywhere, adding an extra shine to the already sparkling day under the South African sun!

The village market added to the enchantment with all manner of goodies for sale. Bubbles floated above and the sweet saxophonic sounds of the Hazard Goat had us dancing through the Fayre.

The exceptional effort of all those who dressed up (two-legged and four), was incredible with some of the most beautiful costumes seen to date. We wished on trees, the Fairy Godmother made good on her promises, whilst we swung for sweeties, tested our fantasy trivia knowledge, took photos by The Wardrobe and prepared for battle against the forces of dark magic with The Dahogrian Empire, Phoenix Archery and Weapons on Wheels.

We ate, drank and got very merry by the water soaking up all that was special about this magical day out.

Fixing to be a favourite theme amongst previous Fantasy Fayres – Faeries & Fables will not be forgotten anytime soon.

We will meet again soon amongst the mushrooms and the forests but until then remember….
Second star on the right and then straight on til morning, that is where you will always believe in faeries!