Dirty Little Secrets 2019

The first thing the Alter Egos crew will tell you about Dirty Little Secrets is that, if you’re the type to blush at the mention of any of the so-called “unmentionables” your mom always told you were only for that “special time” you’d share with your husband or wife one day, it’s probably not for you.

So, naturally, tickets keep selling out long before the doors open. Because, if the growing audience numbers are anything to go by, it’s no secret at all that they can’t get enough.

Performed by Dayle Robyn (aka Double D) to a packed venue at Rusty Hook on the West Rand, this one-of-a-kind comedy caper is 90 minutes of delightfully ribald storytelling that is equal parts raw and relatable.

The show’s intimate setting and raunchy table props make the evening an entertaining experience before the stage is even lit, and a fun photo booth makes for easy collection of evidence in case the need should ever arise. Simply put, there can be no mistaking that this event is all-out, adults-only fun.

In her performance, Dayle holds no punches and makes no apologies, delivering a show that captivates her audience throughout.
Each short narrative leaves just enough to the imagination before launching into the next chapter, creating a seamless flow between the various anecdotes.

The material, touching on everything from those early teenage twinges of hormonal overload to the more explicit exploits of adulthood, hits a nerve or two sometimes, and then deftly tickles it into admitting that perhaps it’s taking itself a bit too seriously.

– Meea Parkins

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The next show will be on the 15th of February 2020 – watch Facebook for details.