Unicorns, dragons and all magical beasts;
Mermaids, griffins and werewolves came to feast
At the Fantasy Fayre, ‘specially for all
Who have feathers and fur and claws galore!

All manners of beasties and their handlers descended on Rusty Hook on the West rand on 5 March for a day of magic, proudly created by the team at AlterEgos.

With so much to do, more to see and multiple unusual activities taking place throughout the day – visitors were spoilt for choice.

After two long years of waiting to return to Wonderland, the day was filled with absolute joy as we were once again able to get together and let our imaginations loose.

Rusty Hook was filled with mermaids, unicorns, dire wolves, dragons, birds of paradise, krakens and water monsters.

Apart from the favourite attractions, competitions and quests, the Alter Ego’s Team had some surprises up their sleeves.
With a lot of noise and quite a bit of fire, guests were treated to an appearance by the Witcher who battled and defeated the meanest beastie of them all, much to the delight of the fayre-goers.

Even a short afternoon thundershower could not dampen the spirits of those around and it was unanimously agreed that Alter Egos came back to events in full force, having lost none of their pre-Covid magic.

Fantasy Fayre 2022 in Pictures

5 March | Rusty Hook, Honeydew

1 October 2021 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew