We never thought we’d get here and after two long years of an endless rollercoaster, Medieval Fayre 2022 was finally going ahead on 6 June!

Apparently, our fans missed us and along with some help from our friends at MixFM, Medieval saw a record number of guests through the gate.

As always, guests embraced the day 100% and thrilled us and each other with their beautiful costumes and attention to detail.

As one of Johannesburg’s premier events, Medieval 2022 was certainly one for the books. We realised how much we missed our community and how important it is to embrace the weird and the wonderful.

It will go down in history, that’s for sure.

La Vue Lodge was transformed into various elements from Tolkien’s classic stories and guests were treated to The Shire, Mordor and even The Eye of Sauron.
As Ringwraiths circled ominously, favourite characters wandered amongst the guests thrilling them with stories and surprises.

All the favourite attractions were back, with some bonuses and fun was had with The Hobbits from Dahogrian Empire, arrows were shot with Phoenix Horseback Archery and much food was consumed from the Snorting Boar Smoker.

Nobody left without a special something to remind them of the day and with over 100 unique traders in attendance, there was something to appeal to everyone.

Medieval Fayre 2022 in Pictures

4 June 2022 | La Vue Lodge, Muldersdrift