…and crawling on the planet’s face,
Some insects called the human race.
Lost in time and lost in space
….and meaning.

It was a night they were going to remember for a very long time.
As Transylvanians descended on Rusty Hook on 1 October for a night of bad behaviour, the mood was set with participation packs and costumes.

Taking guests back to the good old days when sneaking into midnight screenings in fishnets was all very taboo, we thrilled, chilled and fulfilled with the screening of Richard O’ Brian’s masterpiece, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Our incredible cast of amateur performers put their best (high-heeled) feet forward to do the Time Warp, jam with Eddie and his Teddy and sent Frankie home.

Madness took its toll, in the very best way and we cannot wait to return to the moon-drenched shores of Transylvania with you again in 2023.

A Jump to the left 2022 in Pictures

1 October 2021 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew