Fantasy Fayre 2022: The Bestiary

Unicorns, dragons and all magical beasts;
Mermaids, griffins and werewolves came to feast
At the Fantasy Fayre, ‘specially for all
Who have feathers and fur and claws galore!

All manners of beasties and their handlers descended on Rusty Hook on the West rand on 5 March for a day of magic, proudly created by the team at AlterEgos.

With so much to do, more to see and multiple unusual activities taking place throughout the day – visitors were spoilt for choice.

After two long years of waiting to return to Wonderland, the day was filled with absolute joy as we were once again able to get together and let our imaginations loose.

Rusty Hook was filled with mermaids, unicorns, dire wolves, dragons, birds of paradise, krakens and water monsters.

Apart from the favourite attractions, competitions and quests, the Alter Ego’s Team had some surprises up their sleeves.
With a lot of noise and quite a bit of fire, guests were treated to an appearance by the Witcher who battled and defeated the meanest beastie of them all, much to the delight of the fayre-goers.

Even a short afternoon thundershower could not dampen the spirits of those around and it was unanimously agreed that Alter Egos came back to events in full force, having lost none of their pre-Covid magic.

Fantasy Fayre 2022 in Pictures

5 March | Rusty Hook, Honeydew

1 October 2021 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew

A Viking Thing 2020

We came, we saw, we pillaged.

Vikings, warriors and shield maidens of all ages dressed up and enjoyed a beautiful South African summer’s day experiencing old Viking traditions (and some new ones) at Rusty Hook on the Westrand.
From tug-of-war to Kubb to a Viking quiz, fancy dress competitions and deciding the most majestic Viking beard – guests were treated to a market full of Viking themed crafts and goodies. Floki’s boat yard was open for business as aspiring boat-builders tried their luck at floating their boats on the dam.

The ale and mead flowed freely as The Dahogrian Empire entertained with battles throughout the day.

New highlights included Custard the Albino Reticulated Python and her friends from Dami’s Exotics, which was an absolute fan favourite on the day and Fenris Wulf, who entertained the crowds with their Viking Metal music, bringing a real sense of camaraderie to the even.t

All in aid of sending the  the Juggerknights to Spain in April, to represent South Africa in the Full Contact Medieval Combat World Championships, the Alter Egos team (with the help of very generous sponsors and the enthusiastic public) raised just short of R35 000.00 to send our team overseas. Unfortunately, due to the current world crisis and multiple travel bans, the championships have been put on hold. The fighters will keep the money safe until a new opportunity arises.

Due to the overwhelming response to this event, A Viking Thing will become a biennoal adventure and we look forward to pillaging with you again!

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A Viking Thing 2020 in Pictures

7 March 2020 | Rusty Hook, Honeydew

Announcing – Medieval Fayre 2020: There & Back Again

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“Far over misty mountains cold To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day, To find our long-forgotten gold.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

Tickets: https://qkt.io/Medieval2020

Somewhere between the Shire and Isengard, on the road to Mordor we find a magical place where Hobbits and Orcs, Ents and Elves all live in harmony. Where tradesman and crafters, warriors and wizards and dragons and dwarves can be found wandering freely.

Experience battles, beards, stocks, swords, archery, meat and ale. The Middle Earth market will trade all day!
Stroll through Rivendell village, purchase wares, fill your bellies, dance and get merry on mead.

– Ye Olde Tavern Quiz with Lady Dayle ‘DoubleD’ Robyn (world famous throughout the West Rand)
Eoin’s Tankard‘s Mead & White Dog Taproom Ale
– Fight-A-Knight with the JuggerKnights
– Weapons forging displays and Axe Throw with Drakon Forge
– Archery & Mounted Archery with ShaTranj Mounted Combat & Bushcraft
– Fancydress Contest
– The Fellowship Quest
The Dahogrian Empire Battles
– Medieval Equine Displays with the South African Lipizzaners
– Themed produce, crafts and wares in the market
– A Mordor Murder Mystery Game!
– Dungeons & Dragons!
– See your favourite characters brought to life
… and more!

Map to Venue: https://goo.gl/maps/TkgXqikT9k62

GET TICKETS ONLINE at https://qkt.io/Medieval2020!

Hobbits also known as ‘halflings’ on account of their short stature.
• Adult Hobbit Tickets: R80 online
• Child Hobbit Ticket (under 12): R30 online

• R450 online only
Included in the ticket price –
A skull glass to toast victory over your enemies; mead, ale, turkey leg and activity vouchers as well as a map of the venue and a timetable
There are only 100 of these tickets available!

Known as The FirstBorn, the Elves of Middle Earth are immortal and powerful.
• Quendi Couple Tickets: R3000.00 PER COUPLE online only
Included in the ticket price –
A fast pass to get you to the head of any queue, a skull mug to toast victory over your enemies; mead, ale, turkey leg and activity vouchers; a map of the venue and a timetable, as well as overnight accommodation at the venue and Sunday breakfast.
There are only 8 of these tickets available!

HALFLING BYRDING (Birthday) TICKET: R4000 online only
A halfling celebrating his or her birthday was called a byrding.
Included in the ticket price –
A party experience for 8 kids under 12 plus 2 supervising adults, with a fast pass to get each one to the head of any queue, activity vouchers for battles, archery, unicorn rides and more; birthday cupcakes; turkey legs and drink; and free parking for the drivers.
There are only only 2 of these tickets available!

ELVEN BEGETTING (Birthday) TICKET: R4600 online only
Included in the ticket price –
A party experience for 8 adults, with a fast pass to get each one to the head of any queue; skull glasses to toast victory over your enemies; activity vouchers for battles and archery;cupcakes; turkey legs, mead and ale; and free parking for the drivers.
There are only only 2 of these tickets available!

Adult Orcs – R100
Child Orcs (under 12) – R50
Tiny Orcs (under 3) – FREE
• PARKING: R20 per vehicle
• Socialised pets (even dragons) on leashes welcome!

Full descriptions of all tickets can be found at https://qkt.io/Medieval2020

email hearye@nullmedievalfayre.co.za for more info!

Stall booking now open, stalls from R300 to R1100 – sign up on https://www.alteregos.co.za/vendors to get stall booking forms & updates.

Discworld Day 2019: An Ankh-Morpork Adventure

And what an adventure it was as discworlders and roundworlders alike converged on La Vue in Muldersdrift on 9 November.
Sir Terry Pratchett smiled down on the day, making his presence known by the beautiful sunshine with just enough wind to dislodge some witches hats.

Fans of the man, from as young as 3 years old, explored the Streets of Cunning Artifacers, offered up bananas (and popcorn) to The Librarian with much Óoking’, whilst Death and Binky stalked amongst The Shades.
The Watch recruited some willing and some (un) willing, Twoflower lost his luggage and the Octavo glowered over the Unseen University.

With so many adventures to be had, the venue was a haze of activity as multiple Susans, Feegles, Tiffanys and Wizzards went postal.
A hugely successful dress up competition was held under the Sapient Pearwood tree, shortly after we crowned a victorious (albeit 2nd place) winner in The Witch trials.

With homage being paid by every single visitor, rat onna stick being consumed at an alarming rate and us narrowly avoiding Dibbler cutting his own throat it is safe to say that the pages of the most popular of STP’s books came to life.

The cherry on the top of what can only be described as a magical day, was the VERY FIRST screening on African soil of the short movie, Troll Bridge.
Kindly loaned to the Alter Egos Team by SnowGum films, it was collective goosebumps as we realised how fortunate we were. 100 lucky people got to witness the masterpiece inside the Odium snacking on banged grains.
Each screening ended with teary eyes and rounds of applause, bringing to an end a truly fantastic day on the Disc.

Discworld Day 2019 in Pictures

9 November 2019 | La Vue Lodge, Muldersdrift

Dirty Little Secrets 2019

The first thing the Alter Egos crew will tell you about Dirty Little Secrets is that, if you’re the type to blush at the mention of any of the so-called “unmentionables” your mom always told you were only for that “special time” you’d share with your husband or wife one day, it’s probably not for you.

So, naturally, tickets keep selling out long before the doors open. Because, if the growing audience numbers are anything to go by, it’s no secret at all that they can’t get enough.

Performed by Dayle Robyn (aka Double D) to a packed venue at Rusty Hook on the West Rand, this one-of-a-kind comedy caper is 90 minutes of delightfully ribald storytelling that is equal parts raw and relatable.

The show’s intimate setting and raunchy table props make the evening an entertaining experience before the stage is even lit, and a fun photo booth makes for easy collection of evidence in case the need should ever arise. Simply put, there can be no mistaking that this event is all-out, adults-only fun.

In her performance, Dayle holds no punches and makes no apologies, delivering a show that captivates her audience throughout.
Each short narrative leaves just enough to the imagination before launching into the next chapter, creating a seamless flow between the various anecdotes.

The material, touching on everything from those early teenage twinges of hormonal overload to the more explicit exploits of adulthood, hits a nerve or two sometimes, and then deftly tickles it into admitting that perhaps it’s taking itself a bit too seriously.

– Meea Parkins

To see photos of this event click here:

The next show will be on the 15th of February 2020 – watch Facebook for details.

Medieval Fayre 2019 : A Viking Invasion

On an alternative time line we explored the dark ages,
One small village held out against the invaders
They knocked at the gates, shield maidens met knights
The timelines crossed over with the village alight.

On June 8, La Vue Guest Lodge in Muldersdrift was transformed into a myriad of mystical, magical and medieval nooks and crannies, crafts and tradesmen. A village of viking proportions took over the beautiful space as people surged through the gates to experience a day back in the dark ages.

The scene was set and the day was filled with unusual activities. From axe throwing and weapon forging to archery and LARPING battles, festival goers were encouraged to get involved in the action. Unicorns were ridden, knights were fought. Turkey legs were consumed, mead was drunk. There was smoke and fire, dancing and revelry.

An array of costumes of the most epic degree made an appearance, with everyone embracing the uniqueness of the day. Adventurers went on a mighty quest, wits were tested in the taverns and grown men shed a tear as the Chilli Chugging Competition threatened to drop even the most vicious of vikings.

Prizes were won to medieval melodies and even a banquet feast
Caber toss, coconut shies, KUBB viking chess and  magnificent beasts.

The 8th annual Medieval Fayre, bought to you by Alter Egos was a resounding success, with shouts of “SKAL!” ringing through the air well into the late afternoon.
Festival goers left with full hearts and fuller bellies, their loot tucked well under their arms, with promises of medieval memories and victorious vikings at the forefront of their mind.

Medieval Fayre 2019 in Pictures

8 June 2019 | La Vue Lodge, Muldersdrift

Announcing Discworld Day 2019 – An Ankh-Morpork Adventure

“Poets have tried to describe Ankh-Morpork. They have failed. Perhaps it’s the sheer zestful vitality of the place, or maybe it’s just that a city with a million inhabitants and no sewers is rather robust for poets, who prefer daffodils and no wonder. So let’s just say that Ankh-Morpork is as full of life as an old cheese on a hot day, as loud as a curse in a cathedral, as bright as an oil slick, as colourful as a bruise and as full of activity, industry, bustle and sheer exuberant busyness as a dead dog on a termite mound.”
― Terry Pratchett, Mort

Discover the streets of Ankh-Morpork, the greatest city of the Discworld. A folklorique network of old lanes, squares and alleys for your walking pleasure. Wherre exitement and trolls lurke arounde everry corner and much may be heard the traditional street cries of old time also the laughing visages of the denuizens as they goe about their business private.

LIMITED NO OF TICKETS available from Quicket –
Pre-sales online:
🕶️ ONLY 50 of CHRYSOPRASE’S VIP TICKETS available: R250
🧙 EARLY WIZZARD TICKETS: R50 – only 50 available, only til 3 JUNE
Adults R60 / On the day: R80
Kids under 12 and over 3: R20
Kids under 3: FREE
PARKING: R20 per car


Dogs and unruly luggages to be kept on leashes at all times.

MAP TO VENUE: https://goo.gl/maps/TkgXqikT9k62
Please note: There is a 1km dirt road to our venue. It is suitable for most normal cars but not for vehicles and brooms with very low suspension.


  • Of Gods and Guilds Quest
    Enter as a single person or with a team, complete the tasks as laid out for you.
    Choose your Guild – Thieves, Assassins or Beggars!
  • Fabricati diem, pvnc: test your mettale and train with the City Watch, they are recruiting!
  • The presence of beer always greases the rungs of the evolutionary ladder so make sure your Inn-sewer-ants-polly-seas are up to date and join us in The Mended Drum.
  • Expect a test of wits, much revelry, singing and many barbarians. (And a wizard’s staff. With a knob on the end.)
  • The Discworld Dress Up. Embody your favourite character and be victorious. Win Thynngs.
  • Burnt crunchy bits, dwarf bread, rat onna stick and other local delicacies can be found between Harga’s House of Ribs and the Curry Gardens, so weary travellers and brave explorers will not have holes in their tummies. Keep an eye out for Cut-me-own-Throat Dibbler.
  • Workshops with your favourite characters! Build thyngs. Decorate other thyngs! (No elephants)

All guilds are welcome, so if you fancy yourself as an artificer, a seamstress, an assassin or a clown, you’ll be sure to be in good company!


Updated Dates!

Sir Terry Pratchett once said, “Be careful what you wish for. You never know who will be listening.”.
…and we have been listening.

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests and pleas from the fans of Ankh-Morpork, the AlterEgos Events Team will once again be taking you on an adventure across the Disc, where Librarians and Feegles run amok and wizards and witches walk among us. The well-loved Discworld Day WILL return in November 2019.
So pack your Luggage and watch this space for more information.
“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.”


Have alternative experiences in 2019.
If you didn’t already know, Alter Egos Events is the split personality that brings you the weird, the wonderful, the creative and the crazy!
Created and run by Meryl Rosenberg and Dayle Mallinson, it has already established itself in the world of unusual events such as A Viking Thing, The Medieval Fayre, Fantasy Fayre and Discworld Day.

After a wonderfully alternative year of make-believe at the gorgeous La Vue Guest Lodge & Function Venue in Muldersdrift, and Rusty Hook in Honeydew, the magic continues with brand new alternative experiences.
We invite you to join our tribe if you haven’t partied with us before.

THE 2019 EXPERIENCES contd: *drum roll please*

5th May – Alternatribe’s Strange Sundays #3 – Alternative Market at Rusty Hook
Theme: Alternative & live music

2nd June – Alternatribe’s Strange Sundays #4 – Alternative Market at Rusty Hook
Theme: Alternative & live music

8th June – Medieval Fayre 2019: Viking Invasion
Theme: Vikings/Medieval • Venue: La Vue Guest Lodge
** LESS THAN 50 BERSERKER TICKETS LEFT – GET YOURS AT http://qkt.io/Medieval2019 **

3rd August – Dirty Little Secrets
A one woman sit down comedy show • Venue: Rusty Hook
Tickets on sale from 25th April 2019

9th November – Discworld Day 2019: An Ankh-Morpork Adventure
Theme: A Day in Terry Prachett’s world • Venue: La Vue Guest Lodge

Coming in 2020: Fantasy Fayre – Pirates
Theme: ARRR! • Venue: La Vue Guest Lodge

Although we always endeavour to stick to Plan A, unforseen circumstances may arise causing us to change our dates. Although this is unlikely, please make sure you keep an eye on your email and our Facebook Page for regular updates.

As with all our correspondence, more details will follow 3 months prior to each event. Ensure you do not miss out – sign up on our mailing list on www.alteregos.co.za/contact and add events@nullalteregos.co.za to your email whitelist and check your spam/promo/other mail folders regularly so that you are the first to receive all information on these events.

Please make sure you are following our Facebook Page to receive important updates and valuable information.

We would like to thank you for your support and engagement thus far in 2019, and we promise only bigger and better things to come! Are you ready?
The AlterEgos girls are very excited for a year of epic experiences and we are looking forward to having you come along for the ride.

Kind regards
Meryl (Chief Illusionist) & Dayle (Chief Enchanter)
AlterEgos Events


Wild Wild West 2019

It was a day that the past would have looked liked if the future had happened sooner.

On the 9th of March, Alter Egos Events took festival goers back to to 1885 – a time when men were manly and women were deadly. Where the petrol price didn’t matter and disputes were settled by standoffs at dawn. Where the banks were robbed weekly and the heroes wore stetsons.
Steam powered machinery versus advanced technology.
Mechanics became art and science fiction became fashion.

We lived without limits.

La Vue Guest Lodge was transformed into a Old West village, complete with the Last Chance Saloon, marauding indians and the righteous sheriff.
Old dogs learnt new tricks, and the young whippersnappers were given free rein to run riot.

Activities from cowboy games to blackjack in the saloon for the adults ran all day, with amazing wild west equine displays from Captain Cape Bronco and the SA Lipizzaners kept audiences enthralled.
Highlights of the  day included the Cowboys Don’t Cry Challenge, proudly introduced by Snorting Boar – and there were plenty of tears as contestants ate plate upon plate of Carolina Reaper infused wings!
A choreographed bar fight and a sneaky bank robber being shot off the roof caused great excitement and added a movie-set feel to the day.

Wild Wild West 2019 in Pictures

9 March 2019 | La Vue Lodge, Muldersdrift

A Jump to the Left 2019

Our noble mission is complete our most beautiful guests, and we have returned to the Moon drenched shores of our beloved planet.
… Sweet Transsexual, Land of Night, to sing and dance once more to the dark refrain.

Frank n Furters, Magentas, Columbias, Riff Raffs and Transylvanians descended on Rusty Hook and took a strange journey alongside our cast and crew as we stepped back in time to 1976 and did the Time Warp again….and again and again……

Everyone embraced the cult-classic, dressing up as their favourite character, the buzz and excitement palpable as they got ready for a night where wearing one’s underwear and throwing food in public is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Participation packs included all the necessary props and callbacks to ensure a fully immersive experience, and the fun of the night was fully embraced by the audience. Tables were danced on, rice and toast were thrown, happy birthday was sung and we even got a little wet.

….and crawling on the planet’s face, so insects called the human race….lost in time and lost in space….took selfies, dances their fishnets off, and sang along, paying true homage to the classic film that means so very much to so very many of us!

To see photos of this event click here: 

To keep find out more about Alter Egos immersive and interactive events follow us on Facebook!