Dirty Little Secrets 2018

Definitely not a night for those with a weak stomach or closed mind – Dirty Little Secrets was performed by amateur comedian Dayle Robyn to a full house at Rusty Hook on the West Rand.
A small show, in its 4th year – Dirty (as its fondly known) has grown in popularity with tickets selling out a week before the show.

Guests were welcomed by tables containing R-Rated props with dirty instructions, and it set the mood perfectly for the humour that was to come. Couples, groups, men and women alike related to the 90 minute show, a routine filled with hilarious anecdote’s of Dayle’s life.

Brazen, outspoken and fearless, Dayle embraces Dirty Little Secrets with a passion and a unique story-telling ability. Topics that are not considered supper-time conversation at all, were discussed in a comedy club setting, with the centre focus being on the characteristics and colourful facial expressions of the performer.

Reviews and testimonials poured in after the show, read them below.
The next performance of Dirty Little Secrets will be held on the 3rd of August 2019.

“Myself and my business partner and friends attended Dirty Little Secrets at Rusty Hook.

Dirty Little Secrets makes for terrific night out with your partner. The show was filled with plenty laughter and entertainment. The audience was intrigued by Dayle’s natural, bubbly and raunchy story telling and ability to pull the crowd in with relatable scenarios.

Moments of the comedy show still linger among friends and I would highly recommend those with a good sense of humor and seeking a relaxing evening to attend future comedy evenings. A definite hit!”
– James Oosthuizen, owner of Rusty Hook

“DLS was a rare opportunity for me to drag my long-suffering husband out for some grown-up fun, which in itself is a win. The show itself was fantastic – equal parts hilarious and cringe-inducing, and refreshingly raw and honest. I also really liked the intimate setting, the fun props and the opportunity to behave a little bit like the hooligan I once was!’ 
– Meea Parkins

“Dirty little secrets, wow what can I say, had no idea what to expect, but I was beyond impressed, from extreme laugh out loud moments to looking guilty with having similar moments, it was the best stand up/ sit down comedy event I have ever been to. From the moment we walked in to the second we left, we were well taken care of and laughed non stop.
Dayle out did yourself.”
– Bryan Wells, owner Gladiator Training Solutions & Radio Host

“Definitely not what I was expecting, but definitely in a good way! Everything was planned out to a tee, from the tables to being decorated accordingly, to the massive throne on stage that had a support group comprising of a fluffy teddy bear to a bottle of vodka! DLS is raw, it’s naked and side bursting hilarious. Dayle opens up to a crowd of strangers but she does it with pride. She is confident and it shows. The crowd was in stitches and the #yesthathashappenedtome from a few people really made the evening. She made people feel like at least what has happened to them might actually be normal. Embrace your crazy side, laugh it off and just be you.Dirty Little Secrets 2018 is something for the books!”
– Shani Conrad

 “This was my first time seeing “Dirty Little Secrets” and watching Dayle perform live. I have to say that I have not laughed so much in a very long time! the show was phenomenal and Dayle was a consummate professional from the word go. Her delivery of the show was flawless and utterly hilarious! 20 out of 10 and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone! a great show and a great night out!”

-Adrian “John_Wookie” Wilson

Medieval Fayre 2018

We partied like it was 1398!
La Vue Guest Lodge in Muldersdrift set the scene for some Medieval magic, as festival goers of all ages embarked on a trip back in time.
A time where gallant knights battled for the hands of fair maidens, dragons roamed freely, warriors fought for the highest honours and peasants and royalty mingled among the market space.

We avoided the black plague and muddy conditions and instead enjoyed the festivities under a beautiful South African  spring sky.
With the sound of hoof beats (both of the coconut and real variety) ringing through the air, we danced, we sang, we quizzed, we quested.

Mead, ale, turkey legs and meat on the bone were the staples of the day, with magickal potions adding an extra kick.
Arrows were shot, tomatoes were thrown and insults were hurled – but all in good fun, embracing the madness of the day.

The 7th Annual Medieval Fayre was a joyous occasion. A celebration of history, rivalry, friendships and ‘the good ole days’.

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Greased Lightning!

It was hydromatic…..it was systematic……it was GREASED LIGHTING!
If alternative experiences is what you want, it certainly is what you get at the Alter Egos Interactive Movie Nights.
On the 4th August 2018, The Rusty Hook was transformed into Frosty’s Diner, complete with milkshakes, burgers and popcorn.

Greasers on every corner, white socks and leather jackets. Poodle skirts and curlers, we went back to the 50’s to sing along and dance to some proper old-school classics.

A first of its kind in South Africa, this unique movie experience saw all the guests receiving a participation pack, which included bandanas, cling-wrap, matchbox cars and combs, to name just a few.

With the shadowcast imitating the well known and well loved characters, guests were transported into the movie screen to do the handjive and have some Summer Lovin!

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Fantasy Fayre 2018 – The Bestiary

The 2nd annual Jhb Fantasy Fayre: 2 June 2018 – La Vue Guest Lodge, Muldersdrift.
Unicorns, dragons and all magical beasts; Mermaids, griffins and werewolves come feast
At our annual Fantasy Fayre, especially for all that have feathers and fur and claws galore!

Joburg was treated to a rare day full of imagination at La Vue Guest Lodge in Muldersdrift on Saturday 2nd June 2018.
The venue was transformed into The Bestiary for Fantasy Fayre, where all manner of faeries, beasties and characters roamed freely and experienced a fantasy themed market, fancy dress competitions, quests for loot and more.


Elves, fauns and unicorns were abundant, with famous characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and her wolves wandering among the crowd. A rare sighting of the Goat-a-Tron thrilled audiences, along with The Praying Mantis who also walked away with the coveted award of Best Dressed Beastie on the day.

Activity stalls featured options to Fight a real Knight with the Juggerknights (fresh from their international visit to Scone Palace in Scotland where they fought in the IMCF world champs), archery with ShaTranj Archery; calisthenics and beastly capoeira moves with The Colosseum and Gladiator athletes – and unicorn rides for little princes and princesses with Chikara Stables.
Feathers & Scales introduced enquiring minds into the lives of owls and snakes and forging was on display by Cross Forge.

Another superbly unique day from the team at Alter Egos – Meryl Rosenberg and Dayle Mallinson. Offering alternative experiences, the second annual Jhb Fantasy Fayre was certainly one for the (story) books.

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Discworld Day 2018 – Interesting Times

On the 28th of April 2018, La Vue Lodge in Mulderdrift became a little flatter underfoot as the Alter Egos team transformed the venue into Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Celebrated on Sir Terry’s birthday – witches, wizards, the undead (and the aten’t dead) all made magical appearances amongst some well loved Pratchett characters.


The day started off with young (and old) adventurers seeking their fortune in The Ankh-Morpork Adventure, which saw them signing up for The Watch with Captain Carrot and Colon, discussing life’s simple pleasures with Cohen the Barbarian and exploring the streets of Ankh-Morpork, haggling with cunning artificers and taking in their wares. If they behaved correctly, Foul Ole Ron shared some of his smell, all whilst The Patrician oversaw proceedings.

The man himself, STP made himself comfy under the Sapient Pearwood tree and read some popular stories to listeners of all ages, in between the challenging task of judging the Discworld Dressup competitions.
Creativity reigned supreme, proving the choice of Best Costume to be a difficult one across all categories.

The people of The Discworld were treated to Rat-Onna-Stick, bought ‘Sausage Inna Bun’ from Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler, and drank Lancre Scumble with the mead merchants.

In the Mended Drum Quiz, wits were tested, skills were tried.
To add to the joviality of the day, Nanny Ogg, with her sister-witches Magrat and Granny Weatherwax looking on in disapproval, serenaded those in the Mended Drum with rambunctious renditions of a Wizard has a Staff and The HedgeHog song. If the singing was not for you, you could battle a Feegle!

And the day ended as a proper birthday party should, with a beautiful birthday cake giveaway and all the loot being distributed.

It was a celebration worthy of a legend, and Sir Terry Pratchett’s legend lived on in all of us. His spirit could be felt, especially as we were left with his famous words….

“No-one is actually dead until the ripples they caused in the world die away”
~ STP (Reaper Man)

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A Viking Thing 2018

La Vue Guest Lodge in Mulderdrift became a Viking village on the 3rd of March 2018.

We came, we saw, we pillaged.

Vikings of all ages dressed up and enjoyed a beautiful South African summer’s day experiencing old Viking traditions (and some new ones). From tug-of-war to Kubb to a Viking quiz, fancy dress competitions and deciding the most majestic Viking beard – guests were treated to a market full of Viking themed crafts and goodies.

The ale and mead flowed freely, turkey legs and massive eisbeins kept raiders nourished for their Viking Quest.
The Dahogrian Empire entertained with battles throughout the day, whilst Trad -Music of the Isles set the scene with their idyllic and authentic tunes.

All in aid of sending the Medieval Fight Club and the Juggerknights to Scotland in May, to represent South Africa in the Full Contact Medieval Combat World Championships, the Alter Egos team (with the help of very generous sponsors and the enthusiastic public) raised just short of R50 000.00 to send our team overseas.

Due to the overwhelming response to this event, A Viking Thing will become a biennial adventure and we look forward to pillaging with you again!

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A Viking Thing 2018 in Pictures

3 March 2018 | La Vue Lodge, Muldersdrift

A Jump to the Left 2018

On the 10th of February 2018, Alter Egos took its guests on a strange journey.

A trip back in time, to the days of old late night double feature movie screenings on the a big screen, the smell of popcorn a shadowcast performing the show – The Rocky Horror Picture Show was brought to life.

With the Alter Egos team even managing to rustle up the iconic thunderstorm to set the mood, guests took to their seats to explore their participation packs, learn the lines and experience Dr Frank-n-Furter and his minions like they have never experienced them before. Everyone embraced the cult-classic, dressing up as their favourite character, excited for a night where wearing one’s underwear and throwing food in public is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

We did the Time Warp (several times), we called Brad an asshole, we watched Rocky come to life, we sang to every-single-song and we danced to the moon’s dark refrain.

A resounding success and  a night out, they were going to remember for a very long time.

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Discworld Day 2017 – The Turtle Moves

“Ankh-Morpork! Pearl of cities! This is not a completely accurate description, of course — it was not round and shiny — but even its worst enemies would agree that if you had to liken Ankh-Morpork to anything, then it might as well be a piece of rubbish covered with the diseased secretions of a dying mollusc.”

As The Moors Castle turned into The Discworld, all the fans of the incredible Sir Terry Pratchett converged on the venue and we welcomed by the site of their favourite Pratchett character. From the Luggage, to Rincewind and the lovable Twoflower, no detail was left out. Visitors could join The Watch, go on an epic adventure through Pratchett’s world, partake in the fancy dress competition and enjoy Rat-Onna-Stick and Scumble.

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Medieval Fayre 2017

The 6th Annual Magical Medieval Fayre returned to the grounds at Inanda Country Base in Kyalami on 2 September to take Johannesburg back in time.

Visitors were greeted by performers, riders, noble steeds and gallant knights. Those fortunate enough to be Royals for the day engaged in a royal banquet, whilst the nobles and commoners snacked on giant turkey legs. Adventures, games, activities and sites were bountiful.

A mass sunset battle of mounted fighters and those on foot drew the crowds as the sun started to set.

A massive medieval market allowed those who wished to shop to their hearts’ content. Trinkets and treasures unlike those seen before were plentiful.

Medieval Fayre 2017 in Pictures

2 September 2017 | Inanda Country Base, Kyalami

Fantasy Fayre 2017

The Moors Castle in Muldersdrift was turned in a fantasy wonderland as faeries, goblins, vikings, knights, witches, warlocks, magicians, fawns and elves turned up for the 1st Annual Fantasy Fayre.

Perfect South African weather helped set the scene for a multitude of activities, from archery to tavern quizzes, fancy dress competitions and games. The scenic river and amphitheatre offered shade from the heat, where weary travellers could rest their feet.

Visitors stretched their imaginations and wandered amongst the themed traders, each selling their magical wares and offering unique services. Food and drink flowed freely and the day was one to be remembered as an alternative experience. Click here to see the gallery.